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Democrats Caught BUYING Votes

Republicans must stop this immediately.

Democrats know that the midterm elections are going to be a massive red wave that will likely sweep the House and maybe even the Senate.

Panic has ensued within the Democratic party and they are worried about losing Democrat governors in many key swing states. So what will the Democrats do to stop this? Well, they now plan on reverting back to their corrupt way and will hand out literally cold hard cash for votes.

According to The Hill, Democrats are focusing heavily on the upcoming governor races across America and are ready to pay out massive sums to stay in office.

These Democrat governors are considering tapping into hundreds of millions, and maybe even billions, of dollars worth of unanticipated tax revenue and will use that to hand out checks to American voters.

Here are just some exampled of what they are planning to do:

Wisconsins Democrat Governor Tony Evers is now begging Republican legislators to approve his plan to give $150 stimulus check to every resident in the state.

Maine’s Democrat Governor Janet Mills is trying to give a $500 check to 800,000 eligible taxpayers.

And now Kansas’ Democrat Governor Laura Kelly has proposed the plan to give a $250 tax rebate to anyone who filed a tax return last year.

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