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Trump Calls Biden A Coward

Trump didn’t hold back at all.

As gas prices continue to skyrocket, former President Donald Trump just hit Biden again.

Trump accused President Biden of “letting the radical climate extremists run the country while the world burns.”

According to Newsmax, Trump’s comments came during a conversation with Fox. “Energy prices are skyrocketing — they are going to infinity, all because of Joe Biden,” Trump explained.

Trump didn’t stop there however. He then said, “We have the oil under our feet, liquid gold. But instead, we are thinking of buying oil from Venezuela, Iran, and others who do not exactly love America.”

“Joe Biden is letting the radical climate extremists run our country, while the world burns. Everyone is suffering because our leaders have no idea what they are doing,” Trump added.

“Bring back American energy independence and American dominance,” trump then said.

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