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The Squad Attacks Biden

Biden is losing his own party’s trust.

In our recent finance article, we informed you of how rather than drilling more oil here in the United States, President Biden wants to now go to Saudi Arabia and beg their leaders to sell oil to the U.S.

Now it appears that “the Squad’s” Ilhan Omar has hammered President Biden for even considering the idea of purchasing oil from Saudi Arabia.

Omar called Biden’s plan to discuss oil deals with Saudi Arabia as “immoral.” Omar also said it would unacceptable to do business with Saudi Arabia because of how they treated the Yemeni people.

“Our response to Putin’s immoral war shouldn’t be to strengthen our relationship with the Saudis who are currently causing the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet in Yemen,” Omar explained.

“Yemenis might not matter to some geopolitically but their humanity should,” Omar added. “This is wildly immoral act.”

Image credit: Richmond Free Press

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