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Democrats Getting Very Desperate

They know they will lose badly in the midterms.

In a surprising turn of events, Democrats are now rolling back on their ridiculous vaccine and mask mandates as quickly as possible. It’s funny how the midterms are right around the corner and now the Democrats racing to get voters back on their side.

It has now been learned that Mayor Eric Adams of ultra-liberal New York City has just decided to lift all vaccine mandates for businesses in NYC and will also lift all mask mandates for public schools, grades K-12.

It’s highly likely that Democrats across the country looked at the polling numbers and realized they need to do something quick in order to not get destroyed in the midterm elections.

“We have become so boring as a city. I want all my parades back, every one of them. It is time for us to enjoy our city again … I want to become a city of excitement,” Adams stated.


Adams later added, “Folks can come in and enjoy the restaurants, enjoy the businesses … without having to show proof of vaccination.”

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