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Pelosi Finally Cracks

Who would have expected this?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shocked much of America today after she openly endorsed the idea that President Biden and his administration has had a tough time making a decision on: banning imported Russian oil.

It’s important to remember that former President Donald Trump called for this decision almost immediately after Russia invaded Ukraine.

According to Fox, Pelosi raised eyebrows among her Democrat colleagues after she was asked by reporters during a recent press conference if Biden should ban purchasing anymore Russia oil.

Pelosi simply responded, “I’m all for that. Ban it.

Recently the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, shared a similar sentiment and said, “The United States of America, we are importing Russian energy. This needs to stop. We are funding Putin’s war machine.” 

While this is a breathe of relief to see Pelosi finally listen to Trump’s advice and ban Russian oil, it still doesn’t mean that Democrats want to increase oil drilling here in the United States. President Biden still likely will use this to shift to green energy, however it is a start to making America more energy indepenedent.

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