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GOP Responds To Putin’s Nuclear Threat

Here’s what the Republican party had to say…

Republican House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy responded to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to raise the alert status for his nuclear forces which has raised eyebrows across the world.

McCarthy admitted that Putin was “reckless, evil and dangerous,” he then explained to the American people as to why Putin decided to do this.

According to Fox, McCarthy admitted that he believes Putin is doing this simply because he appears to be losing the war in Ukraine.

McCarthy claimed that Putin is doing this “because this war is not going well” and Putin is “being painted into a corner and he wants to be a stronger hand to try to negotiate a way out.” 

McCarthy then explained the second reason Putin has threatened nuclear warfare. McCarthy simply believe it is because Vladimir Putin is “unstable.” 

McCarthy explained, “At this moment in time, no country in the world should stand with Putin. Everyone should unite around the basis of what he just claimed to take in just the last hours.” 

It is very unclear right now about what President Biden’s next move will be. Biden is currently preparing to deliver his State of the Union Address this week and surely the Russia-Ukraine conflict will be a topic of discussion.

Image credit: Fresno Bee

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