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Trump’s Threat To Putin

We need Trump more than ever.

A lot of Americans, primarily conservatives, have began asking the question as to why Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to wait until Joe Biden’s presidency to finally take military action and invade Ukraine.

Putin could have done it when President Trump was in power, however he decided not to.

Now, former President Donald Trump appears to have shared an alleged conversation he had with Putin in the past where he allegedly threatened him to bomb Moscow if Russia ever decided to invade Ukraine under his watch.

“All of those beautiful turrets will be blown up,” Trump allegedly stated.

According to The New York Post‘s Michael Goodwin, Trump recently claimed to have told Putin, “If you move against Ukraine while I’m president. I will hit Moscow.

It is also alleged that Putin laughed at Trump’s statement and told Trump “No way.” 

Trump then claims to have responded, “All those beautiful golden turrets will be blown up.”

While we must admit these statements are unproven, it is well know among world leaders and Americans alike that former President Donald Trump was indeed a man of his word and did not shy away from using military force when challenged by foreign world leaders.

Trump raised eyebrows when he took out Iran’s Qasem Soleimani via a US airstrike. Trump also regularly threatened North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un on social media which did make a dramatic impact on how Kim Jong-Un reacted towards America.

Image credit: WJHL

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