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‘The Squad’ Defends Russia

Get a load of this.

In a surprising turn of events, far-left Democrat members of ‘The Squad’ have warned President Biden and other leaders against using “inhumane” and “broad-based sanctions” on Russia because it could be bad for the Russian citizens.

According to Fox, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar took to social media and stated, “I support sanctions that are targeted at Putin, his oligarchs, and the Russian military, including and especially targeted at their offshore assets. But I will continue to oppose broad-based sanctions that would amount to collective punishment of a Russian population that did not choose this.”

“I am heartened that the Biden Administration has included humanitarian exemptions and general licenses to the first tranche of sanctions, but I am also aware that exemptions and licenses have never been sufficient to prevent indiscriminate human suffering,” she added.

Rep. Cori Bush another “Squad” member shared a similar sentiment, “Putin’s murderous dictatorship is killing people right now in a brutal and illegal invasion of Ukraine. Now is the time for us to act with moral clarity. We must use every tool to save lives and promote diplomacy — not military escalation or inhumane sanctions.”

While President Biden has announced that he will sanction Russia he did not in speech say anything about sanctioning Putin directly. Biden also avoided the topic of removing Russia from the SWIFT banking system.

Image credit: Market Watch

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