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Biden Blasted Over His Total Weakness

This is not good.

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn unloaded on President Biden and said that he has “emboldened” Russian President Vladimir Putin through his weak foreign policies.

In a recent interview with Fox, Blackburn explained that Biden “should have started last fall with sanctions” and the “sales of lethal aid to the Ukrainian army,” as well as giving “a coordinated, cohesive diplomatic message from the U.S. to Ukraine and thereby to our allies so that they would know that Ukraine could depend on us.”

Blackburn then added, “But President Biden chose not to do that. He chose to let this fester and to go unaddressed. And, instead, what he’s done is to take steps that have emboldened Vladimir Putin.”

Blackburn continued, “Putin had wanted a five-year extension to New Start, and President Trump very wisely said, ‘You won’t get five years, you’re going to get one year with conditions.’ And that was Putin’s number one ask, was that New Start treaty renewal.”

“So what has happened: Putin is emboldened,” Blackburn explained. “His goal is to reunite the old Soviet Union, to expand his landmass and his population. And he is not fearful of Joe Biden. He sees Joe Biden as weak and he does not think that Biden is going to challenge him.”

During his most recent press conference, President Biden actually proved Blackburn to be right. Biden openly admitted that Putin’s goal isn’t to just take Ukraine. Putin’s goal is to restore the old Soviet Union.

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