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Biden’s Gift To Putin Revealed

Was this Biden’s biggest mistake yet?

President Biden was warned by several of America’s top economist very early on not to kill the Keystone XL pipeline that was being made in the United States but he did it anyway thanks to the encouragement of Democrats.

Now South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has hammered President Biden over his early decision to kill the pipeline which has now given Russian President Vladimir Putin “all the power” and has left America massively energy dependent.

It is almost as if Biden’s decision was a gift to Putin and now he is exploiting it to his benefit.

In transcript provided by Fox, Gov. Noem stated, “Well, and that’s the power that President Biden gave them when he canceled the Keystone Pipeline on day one of his presidency, he sent a clear message to Putin. You go ahead and develop your energy supply, make sure that the rest of Europe and the United States is more unstable… From the very day he got into the White House, he gave Putin all the power.”


Image credit: The Quint

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