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Trump Sends Warning To Biden

This is very big.

As Russia begins its invasion of Ukraine, former President Donald Trump has extending his kindness to President Biden and has warned him and the White House that now that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made his first move, China will soon do the same with Taiwan.

According to Fox, Trump said from the Mar-a-Lago estate that Chinese President Xi Jinping is closely watching Russia’s actions and will try and take back Taiwan in the very near future and Biden needs to prepare now.

“China’s going to be next,” Trump warned. “Oh, absolutely. Not with me, they wouldn’t have.”

Trump further explained, “They’re waiting until after the Olympics. Now the Olympics ended, and look at your stopwatch, right? [Xi] wants that.” 

Trump then compared Jinping to Putin and said, “It’s almost like twin sisters right here, because you have one that wants Taiwan, I think equally badly – somebody said, ‘Who wants it more?’ I think probably equally badly.”

“Putin would have never done it, and Xi would have never done it [under my administration],” he added.

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