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Biden Submits To Putin

What was Biden thinking?

Former President Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently sat down with Fox News and explained to viewers that President Biden inadvertently gave Russian President Vladimir Putin the “green light” to invade Ukraine.

Pompeo explained that Biden failed early on to use “strategic deterrence” to prevent Putin from thinking that he could invade Ukraine. Pompeo explained that Biden and the White House could have stopped the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and placed “real” sanctions on Russia which would have prevented any of this from happening.

In transcript provided by Fox, Pompeo explained, “Well, we stopped him with an idea that said the United States is going to protect the things that matter, this is the very concept of strategic deterrence today. These are things President Biden could have done. We could have stopped Nord Stream 2 months ago when it was much further away from completion.”

Pomeo added, “They could have begun to put real sanctions in place. I saw what the president signed last night. I must say Vladimir Putin saw them put sanctions in for those two parts of Ukraine, and he viewed that as a green light for continued aggression. We could begin to have NATO move forces to Estonia and Lithuania and Latvia to protect those countries. We could have rallied the West and Europe to say that these are the things that we will do together. They’ve been unable to do each of those or perhaps haven’t been interested or focused elsewhere.”

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