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Trump Exposes Corrupt Media

This is bigger than everyone thought!

Former President Donald Trump unleashed on mainstream media after they tried to sweep the bombshell court filing from Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation under the rug.

According to Fox News, Trump stated, “This is a very big revelation… the press is corrupt and they don’t like to cover it.”

Trump then added, “I’ve dealt with a lot of nonpolitical people over the last few days, and they cannot believe this. They cannot believe the press is just refusing to cover it.”

As most of you already know, John Durham recently made a court filing which alleged that a tech firm that had ties to Hillary Clinton mined internet data from Trump Tower in 2016 and even the White House at one point. The goal of the tech firm was to “establish ‘an inference’ and ‘narrative’ tying then-candidate Trump to Russia.”

While conservative sites, such as ours, did cover the story much of the mainstream media refused to acknowledge it for the first 72 hours. Now they are giving little attention to this major news and conservatives are shocked.

“They’re sort of being forced. It is such a big story, I don’t know that they can play the game much longer. It is a corrupt press. It’s all over the internet,” Trump explained. “The level of this crime — this is a stage 1 crime — this is as bad as this gets. Another crime is being committed and that’s the crime of the media.” 

Trump then added, “They refuse to talk about it and yet it is 10 times bigger than Watergate. Yet they refuse to talk about and yet it is much bigger, much more important, much more meaningful.”

Hopefully the Republican party does their part and stands in firm support of Donald Trump to ensure that the right people face justice for these highly illegal crimes.

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