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Democrats Trick Voters

This is absolutely ridiculous.

Reports are now circulating that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is telling Democrats to not publicly “favor” open borders and amnesty for illegals until after the midterm elections.

Democrats appear to be essentially tricking voters by not telling them their stance on illegal immigration so they don’t get destroyed in the election.

According to Politico, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are recommending these strategies to “endangered” lawmakers so they aren’t defeated by Republicans come election time. The DCCC also appears to be telling Democrats to stay away from topics such as “defund the police” and critical race theory as well.

Politico found that in some of the DCCC documents one specific tip said, “Democratic should deny support for ‘open borders or amnesty’ and instead talk about their efforts to keep the border safe.

WOW! Thats shocking.

Ever since President Biden has come into office all the Democrats have been doing is try to destroy the southern border and now they are telling their own party to stay quiet until after the election.

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