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[Video Proof] Biden Losing His Hearing

This man has lost it!

After returning from a weekend at Camp David, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were spotted walking back into the White House from the helicopter and reporters rushed to them in hopes of getting a better understanding about what on earth is going on regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Biden appeared to act completely deaf as reporters loudly shouted at him asking about the very serious “standoff” currently going down at the Ukrainian border between the soliders.

“Is the risk of a Russian invasion higher than ever?” one reporter shouted.

President Biden, who appeared to have jovial smile on his face, simply did the unthinkable and shouted back “Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

With the current state of the economy and the highly tense geopolitical issues currently at hand, it appears very tone deaf of Biden to be laughing and playing with reporters who seem much more concerned than him.


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