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Democrats Target Melania

This is getting outrageous.

It has become apparent that if your last name is Trump, Democrats will try to destroy your life. Even if you are doing it for a good cause.

Now, it appears that Democrats are trying to slander Melania Trump.

Liberals have began spreading misinformation online about how former First Lady Melania Trump has recently unveiled plans to host an event in April where she will donate most, if not all, of the proceeds to children so they can be better educated and develop technology skills.

Currently, Melania Trump has released ads for the event and tickets are already being sold.

The left got a hold of this information and are now claiming that there is no charity in place for the event. They are suggesting that Melania Trump is holding an entirely fake event to steal the money.

Melania didn’t take kindly to these accusations and immediately replied back and shut down the misinformation liberals are spreading online.

Trump fired back and wrote, “Dishonest reporting at it again. Everything has been done lawfully, & all documents are in the works. Read with caution-typical corrupt media. We are working w/Bradley Impact Fund, a Donor-Advised Fund, to select charities that will receive the donations to foster children.

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