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Biden Gets Devastating News

You know it’s bad when even CNN tells the truth.

In a shocking turn of events, it has now been discovered by none other than CNN that a rather large number of Democrats simply do not want President Biden to run again in 2024!

According to a CNN poll, it was discovered in January and February that 45% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters wanted to see Biden re-nominated in 2024 and an astounding 51% of Democrats wanted to see President Biden replaced by 2024!

Among Democrats, Biden finds the most support from voters who are 45-years-old or greater along with people of color and those who have college degrees. Sadly however, a majority of left-leaning voters still don’t support him.

After learning that the majority of Democratic voters didn’t support Biden in 2024, they attempted to justify it by saying the next presidential election is still almost two years away and that a lot can change.

Sadly, Republicans know that Biden isn’t going to change anything for the better and in two more years America is going to be much worse with Biden in charge.

At this point our only hope is the Democrats come to their senses and replace Biden before 2024.

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