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[Video] Border Patrol Agents Destroy Biden

They have had enough!

During a recent visit by President Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the southern border, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz got into a full blown argument with border patrol agents in Laredo who were furious with how Biden is handling things.

This is the first time border patrol agents have been so publicly upset with Biden and his mishandling of the border.

In a video which was leaked to Fox News, border patrol agents were forced to admit that “morale is at an all-time low.”

In the video Ortiz confesses, “I do think that we’re losing too many agents. As an organization, we gotta start taking care of each other.”

“I get it,” Ortiz stated. “You come to work, you’re frustrated. You’re upset because you didn’t get the desired outcome that you want. Doesn’t mean you give up.”

Ortiz urges agents to work hard and not get upset and reminds them to stay focused. Then one person fires back at Ortiz and says, “It’s kinda hard to say that when…” 

Ortiz interrupts and says, “It’s not hard to say it. It may be hard for you to say it, I’ve been doing this for 31 years. It’s not hard for me to say it.”

Then border patrol agents begin sounding off on Ortiz as he does his best to control them.


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