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Biden Prepares White House Exit

Rumors are swirling.

In a strange turn of events, Democrats appear to have jumped ship on Biden and the progressives such as Ocasio-Cortez and others are claiming that they don’t want to be blamed for Biden’s terrible poll numbers and lack of leadership.

WOW! They dropped Joe like a hot potato.

What’s even worse is now they are claiming that Democratic voters are unimpressed by Biden and they have been “disillusioned” because Biden has failed at giving them things like voting rights, health care, gun control and climate change. Is this foreshadowing for Biden potentially stepping down?

According to The Hill, Varshini Prakash from the Sunrise Movement stated, “Biden’s popularity was high when he ran on a progressive agenda — and it dropped when he let corporate Democrats take the reins. It shouldn’t be a surprise that voters are becoming impatient.” 

Democrats know Biden is standing on his last leg and it appears they want to distance themselves from him. It isn’t just progressive voters who are unhappy with Biden. When it comes to black voters, only 60 percent continue to approve of him. In September, Biden held a 67 percent approval rating with black voters.

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