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Trump To Face Grand Jury

Get a load of this!

A judge in Georgia has just granted permission for the formation of a new special grand jury to help in the gathering of testimony so they can launch a criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump for allegedly interfering in the 2020 election.

According to CNBC, Biden won the state of Georgia, a typically red state, against then-President Donald Trump by a very thin margin. As a result this gave Biden the Electoral College votes to win the election.

Controversy came however after just days before Biden’s win was certified by Congress, Trump called Georgia’s secretary of state Brad Raffensberger and urged him to recount votes. Angry Democrats are suggesting that Trump urged Raffensberger to “find” votes which Democrat claim was an attempt to cheat the elections.

“So let me get this straight, I am being investigated in Georgia for asking an attorney general with many lawyers and others knowingly on the phone to look for corruption?” Trump said in response to learning about the investigation into him.

The Democrats are doing everything in their power to use this situation along with the January 6th Capitol protest to ensure Trump cannot run again in 2024 because they know he would be a dangerous matchup for President Biden.

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