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BREAKING: Biden Slapped With Another Lawsuit

Biden really needs to get it together.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is now suing President Biden and his administration because they refuse to reinstatement Trump’s ”Remain in Mexico” policy.

Trump’s ”Remain in Mexico” policy is an order that keeps migrants in Mexico and forces them to wait for immigration proceedings in the U.S. so they are not in the country and could potentially get released into the U.S. as illegals.

According to Newsmax, AG Paxton was asked about the details of Biden reinstating the ”Remain in Mexico” policy, Paxton replied, ”It looks like to us they’re just stalling. We don’t know for sure all of the facts, that’s why we want discovery. But it seems like they’re using the excuse that they haven’t worked out their arrangement with Mexico.”

Paxton added, ”I think they’re just trying to keep ignoring federal law, keep ignoring the Supreme Court ruling. The government doesn’t care about federal law; clearly, we’ve already established that. Now they don’t care about all the orders from the courts, including the Supreme Court.”

The new lawsuit by Paxton claims that the Biden Administration is purposely ignoring the court’s order to reinstate the policy.

Frustrated, Paxton then said, “Hey, Mr. President, you have to follow federal law someday. They’re never going to follow federal law, it looks like. They’re going to keep stalling until they are forced by some deadline to act. And maybe they need some type of consequences … whatever a judge decides that consequence would be if they just flaunt the Constitution, federal law, Supreme Court rulings.”

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Image credit: MinnPost

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