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Biden Team CUTS CAMERAS After Joe Does THIS

They weren’t expecting Biden to do this!

What is the Biden team trying to hide? Are they trying to hide the fact that President Biden is a senile old man who could say anything at any moment?

President Biden’s White House staff shockingly decided to cut the live feed just before President Biden was about to federal and state fire officials in Boise, Idaho, likely an absolutely ridiculous question.

According to Breitbart, Biden was visiting National Interagency Fire Center to talk with professionals about how to decease the chances of more serious forrest fires in the future.

During the briefing, Biden pauses for a moment and looks at an unidentified man and asks “Can I asked you a question?” 

The man responded “Of course.”

Biden then said, “One of the things, that uh, I’ve been working on with some others is —” then the live feed is immediately cut by White House staff.


What were they hiding? Why did they not let Biden finish his question? Are they concerned he might blurt something ridiculous out?

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Image credit: Washington Times

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