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Biden Accidentally Screws Over WHO?

Biden has done it again folks.

Democrats have been playing damage control for President Biden from the second he stepped into office. But they forget to realize that Americans aren’t dumb and they can’t fool us forever.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) admitted that he believes President Joe Biden has done such a bad job at being the president, he has essentially handed the Republican Party the House majority in 2022.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, Fox’s Tammy Bruce asked, “What is your message to the American people as we deal with the unfolding disaster of the Biden administration?”

Jorden replied, “Well, yeah, defend anyone who gets attacked. These people running for school board because they are fed up with Marxist ideology called Critical Race Theory. Defend those people. Help those people help them get elected — any elected official fighting back defend us. Help us — any private citizen who stands up to the cancel culture mom, make sure you come to their defense if we all rally around the principles that make our country special that made us the greatest nation ever. If we all do that, we will be fine. I think Americans are waking up.”

Jordan then said, “We had 13 service members killed. We had Americans left behind. Allies left behind, billions of dollars of equipment and weapons left behind, a border in chaos, an economy that’s not growing like it should, crime surging in every major area, and attacks on our First Amendment liberty.”

Adding, “Americans are waking up, and they are going to push back. I think we are going to reassert ourselves and take elect the right kind of people next year and take back the House.

“The American people, I think, get it. This administration has not done one thing right. Everything is a disaster, and the American people understand it.”

Do you think Jordan is right? Will the GOP take back House Majority in 2022 because of Biden’s failures? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: Toledo Blade

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