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Pelosi Protects Biden, Gets Torched

This is pure corruption!

President Biden has completely failed in Afghanistan and a new bill was recently presented to hold Biden and his administration accountable for the catastrophic withdrawal efforts in Afghanistan.

However, things took a turn when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to allow Biden to continue to go unchecked and killed the bill. Now, Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw is furious and erupted on Speaker Pelosi.

In transcript provided by Fox News, Crenshaw stated, “Leading up to this, we’ve tried everything we could. We tried to get the Biden administration to not engage in such a silly plan, right? We tried to prevent this from happening. That didn’t work. As they followed through with it, we tried to get them to fix it. You know, Republicans were on the House floor yesterday asking for unanimous consent that we vote on a bill that would simply demand that the administration give us a plan for getting Americans out, getting our equipment out and not recognize the Taliban. There was nothing partisan about that at all. But Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats refused to even allow a vote on it.

Crenshaw then said, “They want no accountability whatsoever. They don’t even want to fix the problem or admit that there is a problem. So now we’re moving into the accountability phase. That’s going to be difficult because we’re in the minority, Democrats in the majority. They might have some show hearings, but they really have no intention, as they’ve already shown, of holding this administration accountable.”

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