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WHOA: Biden Collapses On Camera?

We just can’t believe Democrats let him be a face of America.

During a recent press briefing following the tragic and horrific deaths of 12 servicemen that was caused by President Biden’s inability to successfully pull out of Afghanistan and poor leadership skills, Biden accidentally showed America how unfit he truly is.

According to the Gateway Pundit, President Biden, who was visibly exhausted from the chaos of Afghanistan, dropped his shoulders and head and appeared as though he was going to pass out under the pressure.

The insane moment was caught on camera when Fox’s Peter Doocy drilled President Biden about the horrific deaths of the 12 U.S. Servicemen who lost their lives thanks to Biden.

Biden tried to blame President Trump for the deaths of the servicemen, Doocy reminded him that Trump was no longer president and thats when the viral moment occured.


Former President Donald Trump’s son, Trump Jr., quickly sent out a moving message following the viral moment:

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