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CNN Just Said WHAT About Biden?

Here’s what they said.

CNN guest Matthew Dowd defended President Joe Biden amid the ongoing Afghanistan crisis. He stated that Americans should thank the president for the effort he is putting into the evacuations.

He began saying that there has been a “small drift” in his approval numbers since the crisis stating that it is because of Americans not approving of his current COVID-19 policy and not of the current situation in Afghanistan. He added that the president has made every right decision leading up to this point.

He continued stating that Biden has done a “extremely good job” with his evacuation efforts adding that many said he would not be able to get more than 50,000 out of the country but he managed to get 70,000 people out. Dowd stated that Americans should congratulate him on his recent efforts.

“He was dealt a horrible situation and as of today, he has done an extremely good job in this situation,” Dowd told CNN anchor Kate Bolduan. “There were many people over the last seven days that said there’s no possible way he could get 50,000 people out… he’s gotten out 70,000 people in the last eight days.”

“I actually think the president, for what he was dealt and for what he has done over the last week, should be congratulated on the way this was done,” Dowd added. “And he’s the first president in four presidents to actually get done what the American people wanted to get done in Afghanistan, which was to get out.”

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