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GOP Traitor Blames Trump For Biden’s Disaster

During a recent interview with NBC, Republican traitor Rep. Liz Cheney (WY) gave Democrats another reason to blame former President Donald Trump and said that he and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s “surrender agreement with the Taliban” is what caused the crisis in Afghanistan. Cheney suggested that Biden wasn’t to blame for this.

According to Breitbart, Cheney said, “We know the Taliban has never renounced al Qaeda. This is one of the things that was such an indefensible step by the Trump administration. When President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo designed to sign a surrender agreement with the Taliban.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd then said, “President Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McCaster, basically accused Secretary of State Pompeo at the time and the president. He called it a surrender agreement.”

Cheney replied, “It is, absolutely. We sat down and negotiated with terrorists because we completely excluded the Afghan government from those negotiations. We gave credibility to the Taliban. Secretary Pompeo told us that the Taliban was going to renounce al Qaeda. They told us that the Taliban was going to fight terrorists. They forced the Afghan national government —we did, to release 5,000 prisoners. We completely undercut the Afghan national government, absolutely emboldened the Taliban. We know from public reporting that the moment that agreement was signed, the Taliban went to members of the Afghan National Army and said, the Americans are leaving you, you should lay down your arms when the time comes, or we’ll kill you and your families. That led directly to the catastrophe we’re seeing today.”

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Image credit: Boston Globe

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