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BIG: Republican Slams Kamala, Trump Weighs In

Things are a mess right now, and Kamala Harris looks like the biggest hypocrite ever.

In a recent interview with Newsmax, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn demanded answers from Vice President Kamala Harris as to why she isn’t speaking out for women and girls who are in serious danger in Afghanistan.

Harris is the first female Vice President in U.S. history after all.

“Where is she, defending women and girls, standing up for human rights, standing up for these women and girls who we know are going to be pushed into sex slavery?” Blackburn asked Newsmax. “We know that they are going to be brutalized. We know the women who have worked with us with our Secretary of State’s program for women and girls, these are women that are going to be murdered.”

“I even said where is the Squad on this?” Blackburn later added. “They’re always about women and defending women in human rights. But where are they?”

Then in a separate interview with Newsmax, former President Donald Trump hammered Biden and Harris for making the decision to leave BILLIONS of dollars worth of weapons and military equipment, almost like a gift for the Taliban.

Trump outlined a much more logical evacuation plan that for some reason Biden just didn’t follow.

The last thing that was coming out was our military,” Trump said. “And we were going to take all the civilians first. Second was going to be all of our equipment. We’re taking it back.

Trump then dispelled claims that it was “cheaper” to just leave the equipment behind.

“‘Sir, it’s cheaper to leave it,'” Trump recalled being told when he was in charge. “I said, ‘if you think that general, then your incompetent.'”

“You know, millions of dollars for tanks, and millions of dollars for Humvees that are armor plated – and now they have the Taliban flag on it. It’s a horrible thing, but all this stuff was going to come out.”

All this intel, all this information that President Biden had access to and he still doing something as foolish as this? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: Manchester News

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