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Republican Turns The Heat Up On Biden

Where is Biden?

During a recent interview with Fox News, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) blasted President Joe Biden and demanded to know why he has failed in his duties at everything from the issues in Kabul, Afghanistan all they way back home to even in Chicago.

Jordon asked why Biden claimed the White House was projecting “strength and confidence” when so little has actually been accomplished.

According to Breitbart, Jordan asked, “Well, I think the first thing is, why is Joe Biden on vacation? I don’t think he’s taken one question from the press this entire weekend. So, this is a frightening situation. It’s an embarrassing situation for the United States. But I think, frankly, it’s not surprising. I mean, Maria, tell me what this administration has done right in their first eight months on the job. We got inflation like crazy. We got a crisis on the border, which we’re going to talk about. We now have this unbelievable mess in foreign policy. We have an economy that’s not where it needs to be and crime surging in every major urban area.”

“We had 12 murders in Chicago two weekends ago,” Jordan continued. “So tell me what they have done right. This is — as I said, it’s embarrassing. It’s frightening. It’s — we have never seen anything this — this crazy in foreign policy probably since back in Vietnam, when we had to get people out at the last minute as well. So let’s hope we can, we can protect American lives. But this would not happen. This would not happen if President Trump was in the White House. We know that. We would not be treated the way we are from our from our adversaries. We would not have what took place up in Anchorage, Alaska, a few months ago, where Secretary Blinken was treated the way he was by his Chinese counterpart.”

“That just would not happen when you project strength and confidence from the White House,” Jordan stressed. “But, unfortunately, we don’t have that today.’

The mainstream media continues to claim that President Biden is running the country well. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: Toledo Blade

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