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Kamala Gets Torched – Biden Whispers

She deserved this.

Podcast host Joe Rogan renewed his criticism of President Joe Biden, saying he is not a “real leader.”

“Everybody knows he’s out of his mind,” Rogan said during a segment on the Joe Rogan Experience with comedian Iliza Shlesinger.

Rogan, a veteran color commentator for the UFC, said history would not be kind to the 2020s or Biden’s presidency.

“In the future, they’re gonna be saying it’s one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of the country,” he said as Shlesinger agreed.

Biden Whispers Why?

Recently on Fox News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) blasted Vice President Kamala Harris and said she spent more time at the El Paso, TX airport than at the border.

According to Breitbart, McCarthy said, “Well, it seems like she spent more time at the airport than she spent at the border. But to literally say that they inherited a problem and they’ve made progress? None of those facts play out. You have a border that was secure. You had a new administration that changed executive orders and invited people to rush the border illegally. Now in May, we had 180,000 encounters. That was a 21-year record of illegal crossings. For the last three months, it has increased.”

“The time that the president asked the vice president to take on this job, half a million illegal individuals came across this border when counted,” McCarthy said. “Those are the people we were able to encounter. I think there’s going to be more than a million individuals that get through here that we don’t encounter from more than 160 countries. And what’s worse, Pete, you would understand this — we are catching people who are on the terrorist watch list from Yemen.”

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Image credit: CNBC

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