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YIKES: Kamala Gets Feisty With Female Reporter

The claws came out!

Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala has been less than ideal for the Democratic party for a number of reasons and Kamala appears to have finally cracked under the pressure.

According to Trending Politics, in a recent interview with Univision, Kamala snapped back at a female reporter after she asked her when she plans to visit the US-Mexico border.

“I’ve said I’m going to go to the border,” Kamala began.

“When are you going to go to the border, Vice President?” the reporter quickly interjected.

I’m not finished,” Kamala snapped back at the reporter.


Sheesh! It looks like these foreign reporters aren’t as soft on the Democrats as our own US reporters. It’s probably going to be a long time before Kamala decides to hold anymore interviews outside of the United States again!

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