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Republican Exposes Biden’s Dirty Secret

Don’t be fooled by the Democrats.

Recently on Fox News, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) admitted that “excessive government spending” is the real reason for high prices for gas and other goods.

According to Breitbart, Lee stated, “We face enormous challenges right now as we’re dealing with a shortage created by a cyberattack, a shortage that is exacerbated because of regulatory inadequacies that have resulted in our inability to construct new oil refineries. And this also comes at a time when, due to government involvement, excessive government spending, we’re causing prices to hike on everything from gasoline to milk, to everything else people buy. So, this is a very difficult time for the American people, particularly those who live in the region most directly affected. These are going to get worse unless or until we figure out ways to make the federal government restrain itself so that it’s no longer harming people and causing prices needlessly to spike.”

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Image credit: E&E News

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