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Democrat Exposes Biden

At least someone is telling the truth.

Recently on “Fox News Rundown” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) shocking admitted that the border was not under control like Biden had claimed and they were simply moving unaccompanied children from one tent to another.

According to Breitbart, Cuellar stated, “Now, I will say they’re doing a better job moving the unaccompanied kids from one tent to another tent. What do I mean by that? Well, as you know, the focus was on the Border Patrol Donna center, the tent that they had there. What the administration has done now is just set up some tents next door and they’re run by HHS. So, they just move the kids from one tent to another tent, from the Border Patrol tent to the HHS tent and say, oh, we’re handling better.”

Cuellar added, “To say that the whole system was broken down, I would disagree. I mean, I disagreed with some of the policies that President Trump had like separating the kids from their families. … Title 42, which is still being used right now, is something that we could have — I support and something that we need to continue using right now. The MPP, the Migrant Protection Protocols program, I think that one, instead of just getting rid of that, I think we should have repurposed that. … So, those are some policies — or even the agreements we had with Central America and Mexico that got taken away and now they’re trying to do something else, trying to reach some sort of agreement. We should have not gotten rid of those agreements. We should have repurposed those agreements.”

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Image credit: Fox Business

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