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Schiff Pulls The Trigger To Permanently Exile Trump

He’s not doing whats right for the country. He’s out for revenge.

During his most recent appearance on MSNBC, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) kept his focus on former President Trump rather than getting to work for the American people and attempted to make sure Democrats take away his ability to ever run again.

According to Breitbart, while speaking about the upcoming impeachment trial, MSNBC’s Ari Melber asked, “Do you think that Donald Trump acted in ways that make it a national security priority to prevent him from ever lawfully being president again, which is one of the remedies if there is a conviction?”

Schiff responded, “Absolutely. You know, it was very apparent after the first trial that if he were left in office, that he would seek to cheat again, that he would do great damage to the country. It is equally plain now that if he is not disqualified from running for office again, then we can expect that if he runs in four years, he will put the country through the same hell, through the same lies about the election, through the same false claims of fraud if he loses, through the same incendiary rhetoric and incitement to violence. And that is a very direct threat to our country’s security. Of course, it does immeasurable damage to our reputation abroad and the health of our democracy.”

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Image credit: ABC News

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