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CNN’s Blitzer Celebrates “Slap” To Trump’s Face

President Trump has every right to investigate the truth.

Recently on CNN, anchor Wolf Blitzer claimed that the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the Texas lawsuit to contest the presidential election was a “huge slap in the face” of President Trump and his fellow Republicans.

According to Breitbart, Justice correspondent Jessica Schneider said, “So in this case, the Supreme Court completely shutting this case down, yet another major loss, Wolf, for Republicans, the second time this week from the Supreme Court. We have seen dozens of other defeats all over the country.”

Blitzer responded, “A huge, a huge slap in the face of the Texas attorney general and all of those who supported the Texas attorney general. Republican attorneys generals in, what, 18 other states, 126 Republican members of the House of Representatives including Kevin McCarthy, the top Republican, the Minority Leader in the house and, of course, a huge slap at President Trump himself, who repeatedly over these past few days, has been publicly tweeting, lobbying the United States to go ahead and accept this case which they’ve rejected.”

Schneider responded, “This ends the Republicans’ bid at the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court saying, Texas, you can’t even file this because you don’t have standing. It will be interesting to see, like you said, how the president responds to this, how the nearly — or more than 100 Republicans in Congress respond to this, seeing as they all signed on promoting this. The Supreme Court here saying we’re not getting involved, Texas, you don’t have standing to dispute how other states conduct the elections.”

Blitzer then said, “A complete, a complete rejection of the president’s arguments, the Texas attorney general’s arguments, and all of these other arguments. This should end it once and for all. The United States Supreme Court, the second time this week completely rejecting any effort to undermine the results of this election.”

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Image credit: The Texas Tribune

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