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UH-OH: Biden Has Health Scare On Stage

Welcome to 2020 folks.

The presidential election was nothing short of a complete and total disaster.

Liberals and the mainstream media can continue to cover up issues like Biden’s shady business dealing in Ukraine and China, his son’s laptop from hell, and Biden’s crooked political career all they want. However, the one thing they cannot hide going forward is the clear signs of cognitive decline every time Joe Biden opens his mouth.

Democrats threw caution to the wind when they went to vote for that man on election day and now things are only going to get worse.

Today, after Biden met with the National Governors Association, videos were shared to Twitter showing just how much worse Biden’s mental health has gotten in just a matter of a few months.

See for yourself:

One thing is for certain, if this man takes office and speaks to foreign leaders across the world, things could get really bad for all of us.

Should Biden Step Down From The Presidency?


Image credit: 93.1 WIBC

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