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YIKES! Fox Host Stabs Conservatives In The Back

Enough is enough.

As numerous videos of voter fraud and manipulation committed by Democrats continue to pop up on the web, Fox News host and known Trump-hater Chris Wallace has just claimed it all to be false.

According to Breitbart, Wallace stated, “Well, as far as the recounts are concerned, and I saw that former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker said this earlier today, recounts matter if you are talking about 1,000 votes or 600 votes. Something like that. They had a recount in Wisconsin after President Trump won by 20,000 votes in 2016. They switched 131 votes. Biden is ahead by 20,000 votes. There won’t be a recount that finds 20,000 votes to switch that.”

Wallace then said, “As far as the lawsuits are concerned, that’s the president and his representative’s right to file them. You go back as I do to 2000. We saw a serious legal case there. There was a 537 vote difference between Gore and Bush in Florida. You have the question of the butterfly ballots and the hanging chad. That was a legitimate issue to litigate. You asked John Roberts, is there any hard evidence of fraud? There doesn’t seem to be. There is nothing that rises to the level that it could be enough fraud to switch thousands and thousands of votes between the two candidates.

Is The Media Lying About There Being NO Voter Fraud?


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