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Ilhan Omar Targets Trump

This woman has no business in politics!

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) renewed her attacks on President Trump and called his handling of the coronavirus pandemic “incompetent”. Omar then targeted President Trump and his supporters and called his rallies “cult rallies.”

According to Breitbart, MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart asked, “As a result of that rally in late September, September 30th, we now know that 19 people have come down with the coronavirus since that rally. Are you satisfied with the information that’s coming out of the White House, particularly from the president’s doctor, about the president’s health?”

Omar responded, “No. We still don’t have a clear answer to, you know, when he actually tested positive for the coronavirus. We don’t know if there was indications of him being possibly positive when he went to Minnesota and other states as he held his cult rallies. We at the moment don’t know if there has been a negative test for this president as he prepares to reassume his cult rallies that have now become super-spreaders. I mean, you know, that Saturday at the Rose Garden that event wasn’t just outside, it was also indoors. It speaks to the level of incompetency, negligence, and, you know, just the danger that he has created as he’s damaged what it means to trust, you know, the information that is supposed to come from the White House.”

Is Trump Acting Irresponsibly Like Ilhan Omar Claims?


Image credit: Newsday

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