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Trump Traitor Reignites “Losers-Suckers” Claim

You won’t believe what he claims Trump said!

In a recent MSNBC interview, Former White House communications director and close Trump ally turned traitor, Anthony Scaramucci, claimed that President Donald Trump had a “hatred of the American military” and even mocked him for serving in the middle east.

According to Breitbart, Scaramucci stated, “I think when we get into October, and some of us will be campaigning in places like Michigan and Pennsylvania and up in Wisconsin, just to simply explain to people the surgeon generally warning label, what he’s actually really like. His lack of managerial skills, his impetuosity, his hatred of the American military which is full-on display now. They’re fighting very, very forcefully to rebut that because they know how damaging that is. They have all heard him say it.”

Adding, “I was on a campaign plane with him and mentioned to him I went to Afghanistan and Iraq on troop support missions, and he looked at me like I was crazy. Why would I do that? Of course, it took him a long time to get himself out to those places as well. So, listen, there’s going to be an onslaught. We owe it to the American people to tell them the truth. Then the American people have to make a decision if they want four more years of this sort of nonsense or do they want to clean this up, and then we can begin the process of rebuilding the Republican party.”

Do You Think President Trump Hates The Military?