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Adam Schiff Claims Trump Does What?!?

This is so disgusting and low.

In a recent interview with “Good Day L.A.” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) weighed the differences between 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, who Schiff claims only “sits and watches TV all day and tweets bile.”

According to Breitbart, Schiff then claimed that unlike Trump, Joe Biden was a “person of such decency.

“I think what Joe Biden is showing is what the country can be again. That we can come together and we can work on problems, that we don’t have to be so bitterly divided,” Schiff stated. “A lot of that division is as a result of a president who gets up in the morning and is determined to find new and inventive ways to polarize us. Who seems to really enjoy it going on Twitter. I thought Bill Clinton summed it up well with the choice between a president who sits and watches TV all day and tweets bile versus a president who will try to bring us together. So I think we got a glimpse in this convention of how it might be again. How essentially the country can be brought together by a person of such decency like Joe Biden.”

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Image credit: Common Dreams