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Schiff Screws Trump Over Again!

When will these cowards stop?

The Democrat led impeachment of President Trump failed in February. But apparently that doesn’t mean anything because now House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) wants to bring in former national security adviser John Bolton to testify before Congress over the new accusations made in his new book.

According to Breitbart, in an interview with NBC Schiff stated, “We will look at what allegations like those involving Turkey and other countries, particularly involving China, need to be fleshed out and exposed to the light of day, and then we’ll make our decisions.”

Schiff then said, “But, you know, we do need, I think, to expose the length and breadth of this president’s depravity and how much it is endangering the country. So those facts are going to need to come out, and we are discussing with the Speaker and my fellow chairs just how to do that.

Adding, “I don’t think we should wait if we conclude that there are important things that he says that need to be exposed to the public. The public needs to know exactly what they have in this president. A lot of it is not a surprise, but at the same time, exposure of this president’s misconduct is the best way to protect the country. Congress can take steps to protect the country.”

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Image credit: CBS News