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BREAKING: Pelosi Screws America

You won’t believe what this witch is trying to do now…

In an attempt to further divide Americans before the upcoming election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now demanding that 11 Confederate statues be taken out of the halls of Congress and United States Capitol.

According to the Washington Examiner, Pelosi sent a letter with her newest demands to a congressional panel in charge of Capitol displays

“The halls of Congress are the very heart of our democracy,” Pelosi wrote. “The statues in the Capitol should embody our highest ideals as Americans, expressing who we are and who we aspire to be as a nation. Monuments to men who advocated cruelty and barbarism to achieve such a plainly racist end are a grotesque affront to these ideals. Their statues pay homage to hate, not heritage. They must be removed.

“Indeed, what the Confederate statutes in the National Statuary Hall Collection represent is anathema to who we are as a Congress and a country,” House Democrat Zoe Lofgren, who sits on the panel, said. “I agree that the Joint Committee and Architect of the Capitol should expediently remove these symbols of cruelty and bigotry from the halls of the Capitol.”

Statues of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Edmund Kirby Smith as well as Confederate President Jefferson Davis are just a few of the statues Pelosi is trying to have removed.

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