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Governors Announce Radical New Changes

Here’s what we know…

While some states loosen up on regulations, others get more strict. In a surprising move, Democratic Governor of the state of Washington Jay Inslee has just announced that he will extend stay-home orders until at minimum May 31st.

Inslee did mention that he will try to figure out a way to open up some Washington businesses before then but doesn’t want the coronavirus to come “roaring back.”

According to the Seattle Times, Inslee stated, “If we stick together for a while longer, we don’t lose the gains we’ve already made. It’s so frustrating, we don’t want to do this twice.”

Jay Inslee isn’t the only the only governor who has made a dramatic change today.

Fox News has just reported that New Mexico’s Gov. Lujan Grisham has ordered the closing of roads in the heavily infected city of Gallup.

“I recognize this request is unusual and constitutes a drastic measure, and the emergency powers set out under the Riot Control Act should be invoked sparingly,” Gallup Mayor Jack McKinney wrote to Gov. Grisham. “However, the COVID-19 outbreak in the city of Gallup is a crisis of the highest order. Immediate action is necessary.”

“Its infection trend shows no sign of flattening,” the governors office said.

Image credit: CBS News