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State Sees COVID-19 Surge As Others Prepare To Reopen

Here’s what state is seeing a large new number of cases…

While many states such as Texas, Florida, South Carolina and Georgia are preparing to reopen shortly, the state of Massachusetts has been hit with a surge of new cases.

According to Fox News, the state now has the third-highest number of coronavirus cases just behind New York and New Jersey.

“We’re right in the middle of the surge now,” the state’s Republican governor, Charlie Baker stated.

Vice President Mike Pence is aware of the situation and has said they are keeping a close eye on the Boston area.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh warned Boston citizens to stay out of parks and the general outdoors or be prepared to face legal consequences.

“We won’t hesitate to send police officers to deliver the message and — if necessary — deliver citations,” Walsh warned.

Image credit: Live Science