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BREAKING: Schumer And Pelosi Step On American Throats

They haven’t given us a leg to stand on!

Chuck Schumer and the rest of the House Democrats just blocked a GOP-led $250 billion small business loan program that was supposed to prevent layoffs due to the coronavirus business shutdown.

According to the Gateway Pundit, The Paycheck Protection Program which is about to run out of money won’t be able to get extended until at best sometime next week now.

In hopes to keep Americans employed, Mitch McConnell drafted a $250 billion interim bill to fund companies with up to 500 employees and the businesses would not be forced to pay back the loans as long as they kept their employees hired.

Democrats butted heads with McConnell over who would receive the funding.

However, sadly Democrats don’t care. They will continue to screw over Americans until they get exactly what they want.

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Image credit: Spectrum News