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BREAKING: Ocasio-Cortez Trashes America

Take a good long look at the scum that Democrats have voted in.

In a despicable move, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shamelessly called the United States a “brutal, barbarian society” because of the things that have happened due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Washington Examiner, during a discussion about policies that AOC wishes the U.S. adopted such as canceling rent payment and reforming healthcare she called the country a “barbarian society.”

“Healthcare is a human right. You shouldn’t get better healthcare because you have a higher position in work. Everyone should be able to have dignified access to healthcare,” she said.

“This is supposed to be the richest society in the world,” AOC announced. “And I think what this crisis is showing us is that this is only a rich society for a very small amount of people. And it is a brutal, barbarian society for the vast majority of working-class Americans.”

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Image credit: National Review