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BREAKING: Fox Host Fired For Defending Trump

Absolutely despicable!

There you have it folks. A Fox News host has just gotten kicked to the curb for defending the President of the United States.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Fox Business Network has fired Trish Regan for alerting the American public that Democrats will leverage the coronavirus to try and once again impeach President Trump.

This is just another attempt to impeach the president. And sadly they seem to care very little for any of the destruction they are leaving in their wake. Losses in the stock market, all of this unfortunately just part of the political casualties,” thats all it took for Regan to lose her job.

Mediaite reported that Fox released this statement, “FOX Business has parted ways with Trish Regan – we thank her for her contributions to the network over the years and wish her continued success in her future endeavors.”

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Image credit: Yahoo