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President Trump Exposes NY Governor

This blood is on his hands.

If Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo didn’t make this catastrophic decision, more Americans would still be alive…

According to the Washington Examiner, President Donald Trump blasted Governor Andrew Cuomo for his 2015 decision to not buy up to 16,000 ventilators which were recommended for his state in case of a pandemic!

“He had a chance to buy in 2015 16,000 ventilators at a very low price, and he turned it down. I’m not blaming him or anything else. But he shouldn’t be talking about us. He’s supposed to be buying his own ventilators. We are going to help,” the president Trump said.

Adding, “If you think about it, Gov. Cuomo, we are building him four hospitals. We are building him four medical centers. We’re working very, very hard for the people of New York. We’re working along with him. And then, I watch him on the show complaining. And he had 16,000 ventilators that he could have had at a great price, and he didn’t buy them.”

Then to make matters even worse, Governor Cuomo called the 400 ventilators that President Trump was able to get him a “pat on the back” because he needs many more.

Now, to cover up for his mistakes Gov. Cuomo is blamed New York’s “welcoming spirit” as the cause of the severe outbreak. “We welcome people from across the globe,” he stated. “We have people coming here, we have people who came here from China, who came here from Italy, who came here from all across the globe.”

“I had no doubt that the virus was here much earlier than we even know,” he added. “And I have no doubt that the virus was here much earlier than it was in any other state, because those people come here first.”

Was Trump right for telling Americans whats really going on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: US News & World Report