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Two ‘Shark Tank’ Investors Unload On 2020 Democrat

The Democrats are playing a very dangerous game…

Moronic liberals could literally destroy this country and they are too stupid to realize it!

According to Breitbart, During a recent appearance on ABC’s The View, “Shark Tank” Investor and successful entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary has warned Americans that Sen. Bernie Sanders will turn the United States into a communist country.

Additionally, well known Democrat and long time Trump enemy Mark Cuban stated, “It’s like pick your choice of crazy. It’s unbelievable. It’s like sitting down with kids and telling fairy tales and hoping something comes true. It’s just, you know, politics used to be around, you know, facts, policies, intellectual discussions. Now it’s, like, whose team are you on, you know, it’s more about what story you want to fall behind. Bernie is ‘Robin Hood’ — take from the rich, give to the poor. I don’t even know what Donald Trump is right, or some of the other candidates. It’s crazy. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Then The View‘s Joy Behar asked about Sanders defense of Fidel Castro, O’Leary replied, “That’s probably, you know, a mistake from a point of view of trying to get momentum in a swing state like Florida. I have a home in Miami. It’s a very multicultural place. You don’t talk about Fidel Castro, ever … They don’t even like to talk about him, and here’s Bernie out there with, yeah, you know, this dictator isn’t so horrible. Yeah, he’s horrible.”

O’Leary then added, “By the way, that literacy program that he was talking about was a re-education program. There is a big difference. If you are actually a historian and look at what occurred there, there’s nothing good about Fidel. It will cost him a lot in the polls.”

He added, “I’m just saying if you think about the election, I’m a policy wonk. I’ll just remind everybody whether you like one administration or another party, whatever, it doesn’t matter. In history, there’s never been in modern times ever, a president of either party that’s ever lost their mandate when unemployment was under 4%, ever.”

Behar then hatefully replied, “Trump is still not that popular.”

O’Leary responded, “I’m not pro or con anybody. I’m an investor, and I have to think about policy, and I think the chance that Bernie is going to turn this country into a communist country is zero. That’s what I think. It sounds pretty crazy, what I listened to on ’60 minutes,’ he was right off the deep end.”

Was Kevin O’Leary’s opinion of Sanders correct? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: CNBC