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Heartbroken CNN Admits Shocking Truth

Things are crazier than ever.

When Joe Biden entered the 2020 presidential race last April, most Americans thought he was going to get the nomination with little effort.

Now, according to Breitbart, things have actually gotten so bad for Joe Biden that even the idiots over at CNN know he’s dead in the water.

During CNN’s coverage of the New Hampshire primary, Van Jones admitted that it was “sad to see” just how far Biden has fallen in the polls. Jones even added that his “weird strategy” “is going to blow up in his face.”

Jones noted that Biden lost in Iowa and New Hampshire, and is hoping to make a comeback based on the help of black voters, which could work, “But it’s a very odd strategy. It’s a very weird strategy. And I don’t know if he knows, African-Americans, actually are watching TV tonight, and see you can’t get white votes. And the reason that African-Americans liked Obama is he could — Obama could get some white votes, too. And so, it’s a bizarre kind of thing. It’s a sad thing. For me, I got a chance to work for Biden in the Obama White House. There’s nobody who’s got a bigger heart. There’s nobody who cares more. There’s nobody who understands the pain of ordinary people more. It’s sad to see where he is in this campaign. But this strategy, I think, is going to blow up in his face.”

So this raises the question, do you think Biden will win the nomination? Or will it be somebody else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: The Verge